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KH Energy

Solar panel industry
Online store development
KH Energy
Insights of the project

Goals and challenges

The project’s objective is to provide websites visitors with valuable information about solar panels, installation options and use cases as well as to guide them in selecting the most suitable options based on their unique circumstances. Although the KH Energy webshop is currently more like a business website without purchasing capabilities.
The company’s management had a clear vision of the desired outcome, design and other aspects, so we collaborated closely, taking gradual steps towards achieving the goal.
KH Energy
Insights of the project

What was created

  • Multilingual integration
  • Preselected recommended products list
  • Custom product page templates
  • Custom category page templates
  • Search with "autocomplete" functionality
  • B2B/Wholesale section
  • Conditional logic contactforms
  • Full SEO optimization
  • Optimising images
  • Custom design
KH Energy
What client says


quo build
Effort and dedication put into developing KH Energy website have paid off. Quo build met our expectations as we had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve. Working with Kristians was a great experience. We appreciate the commitment and ongoing support. Highly recommended!
Baiba Pole
COO @ KH Energy
KH Energy website development review
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