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Kanika entrusted us with their online store development in early 2024, venturing into the world of trading cards and collectible stickers as distributors to world-wide known brands like “Panini” and “Topps.” Collaborating closely with the Kanika team, we aimed for simplicity, uniqueness, and invitation in the user experience. We built it mobile first, as it was our belief that at least 75% of users will be browsing the site from mobile and it proved to be right as in first month we saw that 88% of users came to the site from a mobile device.

We brainstormed extensively to ensure an intuitive journey for visitors, emphasising high-contrast colors to captivate attention yet keeping it crystal clear experience. Together, we strived to convey Kanika’s unique message, making their online presence as distinctive as their products.


  • Custom design
  • Custom category page templates
  • Custom product page templates
  • Customer profile functionality
  • E-mail marketing platform integration
  • Analytics setup (Google, Search)
  • Delivery automations - tracking codes in emails
  • Sales strategy
  • Search with "autocomplete" functionality
  • Remove irrelevant checkout fields
kanika.lv portfolio
kanika.lv portfolio
  • Full SEO optimization
  • Recently viewed products functionality
  • Pop-up banner integration
  • Automated PDF invoicing for customers
  • Payment system integration
  • Multilingual integration
  • Optimising images
  • Post-purchase email automations
  • Custom product offerings
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